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React Native Development – 5 Reasons Why It’s Perfect for Startups

  • December 6, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

React Native Development is regarded as a major breakthrough in the development of cross-platform framework apps. The experts believe that it has one of the highest rates of delivering a phenomenal user experience.

React Native, a JavaScript-based platform offers an incredible mobile app development platform allowing developers to create iOS and Android apps. Not only this but React native development also allows speedy development, without sacrificing any quality.

The most appealing aspect of React Native app development is that it provides an unbeatable user experience. Although it’s a relatively new technology, it’s still growing in popularity and is becoming a top framework for app development. Below, you will learn the top five reasons why startups should consider React Native for app development.

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Why React Native is Reliable For Startups?

Startups move quickly! Really fast. And no doubt, mistakes cannot be made. Apps developed with React Native are much lighter than other technologies as this platform uses an identical codebase.

The majority of React Native Development projects take only half the time as compared to other mobile frameworks. There are both time and money savings when start-ups use React Native. And, most importantly, developers love using the platform. React Native app development company offers fantastic tools that allow the development of high-quality code using React Native. 

According to a developer survey by Statista, React Native is the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by global developers. Its adoption rate is continuing to grow and overtake the competition.

react native development

Every startup must be able to keep three things in their priority – quick scaling, rapid iterations, and meeting deadlines. These three elements are essential to keep up with the evolving market trends and achieve an edge in the market. Since they must modify their applications quickly, React Native developers can effortlessly help their clients. 

Additionally, there are numerous startups that use React Native because it makes higher sense than other frameworks.

Now, we know what React Native app development company offers, let’s take a look at the advantages this technology provides. We’ve compiled the 5 best reasons why React Native is the best option for startups for creating mobile apps.

5 Perks of React Native Development For All Startups

advantages of react native app development

The choice of the right technology is difficult for startups, so, a variety of factors need to be considered. From the cost of functionality, the technology should meet the needs of every startup.

The following are five reasons why choosing React Native is recommended for all startups.

# Native Application Development   

The widely discussed advantage associated with RN for mobile application development is its inherent abilities. The Native apps provide a trustworthy user experience, but it is expensive. Here, React Native combines perfectly well with regional applications and offers a great user experience for both iOS and Android.   

If you’re making use of iOS, or Android, React Native creates a native-looking user experience on each platform. Users will never be able to feel that their app is slow – this is the best thing about React Native. Users don’t have to bother about frequent app issues.

# Cost-effective and Faster   

Making an app that works on two platforms takes extra time than expected. It isn’t a good idea to miss Android as well as iOS users. One of the biggest advantages that come with React Native is the fact that it allows for faster development. Reusability is what makes this possible. Rather than creating separate codes for each platform, developers can easily reuse code for components of the different OS. 

 You can choose a app development company to cut down on react-native development costs. The framework is free to use and has no cost to license. It also allows for a simple migration, code reuse, and a variety of third-party plug-ins that reduce the total price of your app.   

# Web to Mobile App   

React Native development allows for the simple transformation of a web-based application to a mobile-friendly app. The user interface that comes with React Native is flexible and user-friendly, allowing developers to visualize how a web application will look and feel. Web applications are created by using PWA which is easily converted into mobile apps with React Native app development.   

Also, developers can take recommendations from the web app and then create a test case. Through this test, they can see if the web app is easy to convert into a mobile-friendly app or not. This is a great benefit that comes with React Native mobile app development for startups 

# Single Codebase   

React native app development company charges are much lower than other frameworks due to its code reuse feature. It lets them save valuable time while creating code for the same component again on a different device.    

Not only this, but developers also can write code using a similar programming language and link them with React Native. This will allow developers to include features that aren’t available in these React Native libraries. Using a single codebase, developers can dramatically cut down on the time they spend and concentrate on optimizing the app to enhance users’ experience.   

# Cross-platform App Development  

Are you thinking of purchasing a mobile app that works just for iOS or Android? Why not benefit from React Native and create a highly-efficient app for both platforms? One of the biggest advantages of React Native development for startups is that it provides all the tools to develop an app that works well on iOS or Android. 

It is noteworthy that React Native code easily works with all platforms. Even if you have a specific target, React Native helps you reach the entire user base in the same timeframe. You will not have to fret about time as React Native always keeps it a minimum.  

Most Genuine Things To Do For Your Startup

To start things for any startup is difficult. But when you are required to build an app, it gets even more challenging. So, what to consider in this case? It is important to examine a variety of elements, like ideas for your project, services, and the framework. Also, decide the cost to hire React Native developers for an overall idea.

react native development

Nowadays, almost everyone is using mobile apps. Therefore you need to come up with innovative ideas and strategies to reach your target customers. Both should be distinctive in every aspect. There are a few important aspects to concentrate on when creating an app for startups including: 

  • The app as well as the idea has to stand out.  
  • An app must be designed to produce the most solid performance.  
  • Your app is expected to work with all operating systems (Such as Android and iOS) effortlessly.  

If you’re a startup planning to build a React Native Development App, never proceed ahead without considering the above points.

To develop a react native app, consider elements like features, platform, company, costs, and time required to create an app. And the cost is the ultimate factor behind the fact why Startups are choosing Flutter over other technologies. Note that basic/simple apps cost less, while advanced/complex apps will cost more based on the features. Hence, experts always suggest startups to hire react native developers from a reputed mobile app development company.

Hire MobileCoderz For React Native Development

We at MobileCoderz have assisted companies in gaining popularity and profit with React Native apps. With our years of successful background as a React Native app development company, we develop only top-quality cross-platform apps. With MobioeCoderz, you get high-engagement apps that deliver powerful performance across all platforms. As one of the leading React Native app development companies, we’re well-optimized to provide solutions to help you stand out.

So, when you hire react native developers from MobileCoderz, you are guaranteed the best quality only. With the successful completion of 500+ projects and many on the way, this React Native development company believes in providing excellent results with tech-savvy developers.

Some More Words

The demand for the best React Native development company and their services are growing in demand each day. Startups can hire react native developers to gain a competitive edge as they can develop apps faster and within budget.

React Native is excellent for start-ups to build a premium app by using the same codebase in Android and iOS. It’s the right technology for startups to get a high-end app with remarkable features and an engaging user interface. From low-cost startups to high-cost startups, RN offers adaptability, flexibility, and scalability. All in all, the future of React Native Development is suitable for all kinds of businesses.

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