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Native Android or iOS vs React Native: Which One to Choose?

  • December 11, 2021
  • By MobileCoderz Technologies

React Native vs Native, what’s best for your project? Some people prefer Native app development whereas some are using the benefits that React Native is offering. Both have different features to offer that make them unique. But if you’re someone who cannot choose between the two choices, this article will do the same for you. We will be discussing which is the best choice A Native or A React Native Development Company. 

Before we get into the details we need to define the difference between Native and React native application development.

Native App Development

The Native App Development is for specific platforms and built using tools specifically for this platform. Android requires programming using Java as well as Kotlin with Android Studio for the environment. iOS requires programming in Objective-C and the IDE can be found in Xcode.

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Therefore, it needs at least two developers, or teams of developers to create the two versions of an application.

However, there is a different approach to developing and utilizing the language and toolset to create for multiple platforms simultaneously. This is known as cross-platform. There are a variety of solutions to cross-platform development. Today we’ll learn all aspects to learn which one is really an excellent choice for you.

React Native App Development 

For creating mobile apps that will be cross-platform, it is necessary to utilize React Native. The technology makes use of JavaScript as well as React libraries. The particularity of this technology is the fact that the majority of the programs are written in JavaScript. However, using native visual components allows an output of a completely native application (from the users’ perspective).

This technology eliminates the necessity of developing two apps simultaneously. You might wonder, “How solid is it?’. We provide some insight below.

React Native: What Benefits Does it Have to Offer?

react native development

1. Time- and Cost-Efficient

When you don’t need to create a new UI or UX on two platforms completely from scratch, or you can reuse the code for a different platform, you save time.

Simply put, if you choose a React Native Development Company you’d need to hire half that the Native Android and iOS coding requires.

This can save time since time leakage could occur in situations where there’s a need for coordination among multiple developers. You can recruit a React Native Development Company which will handle all your projects with full dedication.

2. Speedy App Development

It’s amazing that you can reuse as much as 90% in React Native code between Android and iOS applications. This means that you can create many apps with React Native and so it can be lightning fast.

3. Large Developers Community

The task of assembling a team of mobile cross-platform app developers can be a challenge. Fortunately, React Native has a large developer community behind it. Additionally, the framework utilizes JavaScript which is a more well-known software development language, Native. Therefore, once you hire React Native developers you won’t encounter any issues.

4. It’s Reliable

Since many of the top brands utilize React Native, this framework has guaranteed availability of updates and support. In addition, as an open-source platform, React Native makes it possible and simple to add more features. Its “Live Reload” feature allows you to upgrade your app and add new features without experiencing any interruptions.

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Native App Development: What Benefits does it Provide?

native app development

1. Excellent Performance

Native app development performs better when it comes to speed and frame rate, graphics support, and overall efficiency. It’s because they have uninterrupted access to both the device and the operating system. Data transfer between native applications is more efficient, as two native mobile applications can effortlessly interact with one another. Through this, they can gain access to relevant information (Example: Apple’s HealthKit makes use of the information gathered from it).

2. User Interface Experience

Native solutions provide almost endless possibilities for creating the UI and UX to make it feel natural to the user. If advanced User Interfaces smooth transitions, animation, transitions, etc. are elements of your Unique Value Proposition, then choose Native app development to satisfy customer demands.

3. Easy To Launch

One of the least-known aspects is that there aren’t issues when you launch a Native Android or iOS app development. This is because Native app developers follow the guidelines of both operating systems prior to beginning to create their app.

A React Native developer will likely be required to search and edit the features and codes compatible with a particular OS.

4. Enhanced Control of the Code

Native app development permits writing lower-level codes, which allows developers greater control over their environment. The code is easier to understand and troubleshoot since everything in the code is built upon the same fundamentals. The software versions may differ, however, the fundamentals and rules remain the same. Developers don’t have to ensure compatibility with other operating systems.

The answer is based on what you’re looking for. Do you want iOS App Development or Android App Development? In the simplest terms, below are some points that could push you either way.

Which is Better? React Native or Native Development

react native vs native


If you’re not able to afford the expense of developing Native apps, then you should surely consider React Native development. Then you simply have to see what it can do for you. If you’re not sure about your choice then you can recruit any app development company to get the best suggestions.


If you’ve funds and believe that there’s no problem in integrations, complex designs, or guidelines compliance, then consider React Native. If you feel that the application is difficult to maintain high-performance you must choose Native iOS or Android development.

How Early Do You Want Your App?

If you’re in a hurry to get your app up and running it is advisable to choose React Native. In the end, it’s an extremely reliable choice regardless of how much you compare it to Native apps development tools. A React Native Development Company lets you launch your apps quickly for the two platforms of Android and iOS.

However, it’s not recommended to choose Native application development when your app is massive. This is because, if you force the app to release earlier, you’ll compromise in terms of quality.

Service Uniqueness

If your business is unexplored, it is best to opt for Native application development. It’s because it doesn’t take long for competitors to catch up and invade your market rapidly by offering something new. But, they won’t be able to compete with your performance. This is because, to build a fast application, they’ll have to build it on React Native.

If your market is crowded and you’re looking to get into it, you might prefer React Native.

React Native or iOS/Android Native? What’s worth the cost? The answer is that it is dependent on the project you are working on.

  • Do you want to create an Android App Development only or an iOS-only application? Choose Native.  
  • Do you have a small group with limited resources and time and require an app that works on both platforms? Choose React Native Development Company only.
  • Do you require an extremely complex application that makes use of a significant portion of the platform-specific code? Choose Native.  
  • Are you looking to benefit from a fast build time, as well as features like live reloading or hot loading? Choose React Native.
  • Do you have plans to maintain the app for a long period of time, with no worry of Facebook abandoning React Native? Choose Native.
  • Are your developers proficient? Do they have good React or Web development experience? Choose React Native Development Company only.
  • Does your application need to be compatible with new features for mobile OS at the moment they’re available? Choose Native.  
  • Are you sure that your app will look and perform similarly across both platforms? Go React Native. You get the best app services from MobileCoderz, a React Native Development Company which provides the best developers team. With MobileCoderz, you not only get a high-end app but also 100% security assurance.

Some Last Words

Overall, React Native and Native App Development are excellent tools for creating iOS and Android applications. Before choosing one, you simply have to identify your needs and the specific app type you want to develop. 

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